Thursday, 22 May 2014


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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Met Gala 2014

So it’s that time of year again, the morning after my favourite celeb filled event, The Met Gala. Which means that today I am knackered, after staying up to a ridiculous time in the morning refreshing the vogue page to see all the dresses and suits and my Instagram did go a little crazy last night with up photos I had to stop myself posting every dress I saw but anyway… My favourite style icons didn’t fail to amaze me, and was shocked by how much I loved a few of the dresses but here you go, here are my top … dresses from last night.

This Gucci Premiere dress looks amazing on Blake Lively. He Grecian look isn’t usually something I am a big fan of but I love the train flowing down from the shoulder straps. I also love the colour, it is so cute with her blonder hair. Clearly Ryan agrees with me!

I absolutely love the print on this dress it’s like an ever so subtle tie dye. The colours are perfect with each other and Hayden Panettiere looks so pretty. The chest detail is also great for us girls with less of a chest than others.

This one is a little different but if you ever wondered if you could look as glamorous in a suit as you do in a dress then here is your answer. Janelle Monae wowed last night in this Tadashi Sohji outfit. The red and black coat gives this outfit the wow factor and the hair style just tops it off.

Kate Bosworth stepped out in Stella McCartney, like quite a few other celebrities, and showed off her slim figure! I love the colour and the cut away panels below the bust and at the back of the dress.
Kate Mara looks amazing. The colour is not a typical choice for a ball gown but it just works. The beautiful lace on this Valentino dress isn’t what made it one of my favourites. It was the mesh/lace sleeves that stood out and for me made the dress.

This was the first dress I saw which I immediately posted on my Instagram, it is so simple yet so elegant and of course I was going to love it….its Topshop! (Yes this is by the beloved high street brand) I also love the fish tail, this is very similar to my prom dress, but of course I looked nothing like this. Kendal Jenner looks unbelievable.

Honestly I am not a big fan of Nicole Richie’s purple hair as I loved her blonde locks but her dress choice is impeccable. The sheer and velvet Donna Karen Atelier dress hangs beautifully on her.

Now this surprised me cause I’m not usually one for such simple things but this dress caught my eye. The Ralph Lauren Collection Dress looks amazing on Rachel McAdams. I think my favourite thing about it is the fact it just hangs from the top yet it still shows of your figure.
Another Stella McCartney ensemble that wowed me was the white number that Rihanna wore. Although her style does go a wee bit too far sometime I absolutely love her and think she looked amazing and she finished the look of perfectly with a Jacob & Co. Necklace, Cartier Rings and Dionea Orcini Rings.

I would expect nothing less from Sarah Jessica Parker and I would also expect nothing less from Oscar De La Renta! She was my complete favourite last year and she is definitely defending her title. The monochrome dress is beautifully paired with satin gloves and flowers in that amazing hairstyle. My favourite part is the bodice, I love the straps and the neckline and how it leads to petal shapes on the satin skirt.
People may think it’s a bit far but I love it. The dress is so beautiful with the lace and netting combination. The material twisting round her arm adds to the wow factor of the dress and those shoes… She certainly shows that you can easily show off your shoes in a ball gown. With her signature red lipstick on Rita Ora looks amazing in this Donna Karen Atelier number.
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Friday, 2 May 2014


I have had a massive clear out over the past few days, as when I moved home for Summer I suddenly realised there was no room in my bedroom for the clothes I had bought in the last 4 months of uni. Thought i'd share my pieces with you and share my links to my eBay!

Currently on eBay are....

- Levi Shorts - Waist 30 inch - £8.99 - eBay - 

- Levi Shorts - Waist 32inch - £7.99 - eBay - 

- Topshop - Size 10 - £0.99 - eBay -

- Topshop Leggings - Size 8 - £0.99 - eBay -

- Topshop Skirt - Size 8 - £0.99 - eBay -

- Topshop Jeans - Size 10 - £2.99 - eBay - 

- Nike Trainers - Worn Once - Slight Fake Tan Marks - UK Size 7 - £9.99 - eBay -

- Topshop High Waisted Shorts - Size 8 - £1.99 - eBay -

- Topshop Shirt - Size 8 - £0.99 - eBay -

- Topshop Bralet - Size 10 - £1.99 - eBay -
- Topshop Swan Print Skirt - Size 8 - £1.99 - eBay -

- Warehouse Lace Dress - Never Been Worn - Size 10 - £5.00 - eBay -

- Hollister Shirt - Size S - £3.99 - eBay - 

- New Look Waistcoat - Size 10 - £1.99 - eBay -

- Hollister Dress - Size S - £5.99 - eBay -

- New Look Dress - Size 8 - £0.99 - eBay -

- Floral Boobtube - Size 8 - £0.50 - eBay - 

- New Look Polo Top - Size 10 - £0.99 - eBay -

- Warehouse Dress - Size 8 - £14.99 - eBay - 

- H&M Denim Dress - Size 10 - £0.99 - eBay - 
- H&M Denim Shorts - Never Been Worn - Size 8 - £2.99 - eBay - 

- Strap Top - Size S - £0.99 - eBay -
- Republic Skirt - Size 8 - £0.99 - eBay -

- Zara Sheer Waterfall Skirt - Size M - £1.99 - eBay -

- H&M Satin Dress (Can be strapless) - Size 10 - £1.99 - eBay -

- New Look 3/4 Harem Pants - Size 10 - £0.99 - eBay -

More items will be added soon so keep an eye on my eBay if you like anything you see and happy bidding!


Monday, 21 April 2014

Summer Goals

With uni coming to an end for another year I face 5 months with all the free time in the world! Although I am spending 5 weeks of it in London I started to think of what I could do to fill my time so here are my goals for the summer...

1. Swim 3 times a week! Along with my pilates once a week I am aiming to have a stomach like this by August (holiday time!)

Jealous is an understatement - Millie Mackintosh 
2. Do an OOTD post once a week! I have only ever done one, simply because my squiggly mirror in my uni flat is useless for taking photos in and I still haven't perfected my tripod skills with my new camera. However while i'm home I have instructed my boyfriend that he will be my new photographer, so watch this space!!

3. Always be reading a book! I love reading when i'm holiday but it seems to be the only time I do read.This needs to change seen as I have a pile of books that I have never read. Also the Elle Book Club is a great way of finding new books that you would never of read before.

4. Learn a new song on my piano/singing once a week! I have sung ever since I can remember and I have greatly missed my piano being at home this semester (I usually make my parents bring it down to Glasgow each semester and home at the end at this point I must state that it is only an electric piano!) So I intend to use spare time wisely and learn some new songs.

5. Eat healthly for 2 days a week! I'd love to try the 5:2 diet but I would die from starvation on only 500 calories a day so instead I will just try and eat healthy (hopefully all the time) atleast 2 days a week!

I think 5 is more than enough to be getting on with! Do you have any summer goals, things you'd love to achieve or start this summer, comment and let me know!


Thursday, 27 March 2014

French Connections SS14 Lauch Party

So tonight I attended French Connections SS14 launch party at their Edinburgh store and all I have to say is wow! 

Their new collection had me gasping and snapping away with my camera as the models paraded through the store in this seasons must have pieces! 

The prints and colours were phenomenal, from the neon green to the coral pinks and red! 

Not only did I watch the fashion show but me and Rachel from Mallzee had some fun in changing rooms spinning and dancing about in our favourite pieces from the range!! If you check out my Instagram then you'll see what I mean from our video (which it sadly won't let me upload!)

This dress was definitely one of my favourite pieces! Teamed with some gorgeous heels it's perfect for those summer parties and weddings that are lined up over the next 6 months! I also love to loose fit but the belted waist!

Finally, I'm usually a glamour girl and can never seem to grasp (or like) the concept of casual but recently things have changed! Tonight this parka really caught my eye, I love the shade of green and it's unbelievably light for those warm but rainy days! 

You should definitely head onto and check out their new collection! They have everything you want from the beautiful floaty dresses, to leather skirts and pink tweed suits!! 

Oh and on a final note the good bag and glasses of champagne were a great wee treat! 

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